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Unleashing Generational Awesomeness

To Increase Employee Performance and Customer Satisfaction!

Businesses are faced with an exciting and yet complex challenge of having multiple generations in the workplace at one time. Each generation brings with it different values, skill sets, and perspectives on what “work ethic” and “loyalty” mean. When our views differ, conflict is often not far behind. When conflict is present, your employees are not fully engaged in their roles and are likely actively seeking their next “opportunity” somewhere else. Vast amounts of knowledge and expertise exists within each generation, yet if left untapped, your company is left with a competitive disadvantage. Karrie will unlock the secrets to help you unleash your generational awesomeness and connect internally and externally like never before! 

Karrie865c_speaking_sharpLeadership: “Why Won’t You Listen to Me?

Communicate to Ensure Your Message is Heard as You Intended

“Why can’t people just understand what I’m saying? I am speaking as clear as day, what is their problem?” Sound familiar? The reality is, we don’t all think alike and we often misunderstand one another because of our delivery. There are varying communication styles, and Karrie will have your audiences laughing at themselves as they learn why they act and think the way they do. She will also share practical techniques to adapt their style to others so they can develop more meaningful connections, communicate with greater impact, and ensure their message is heard as they intend it to be.

Leadership: How Connected is Your Team Really?

Shattering the Silo Mentality to Increase Collaboration and Productivity

In order to be successful in an industry that serves and cares for people, we must learn the critical skill of building collaborative relationships. Successful communication is not about winning an argument or proving someone else wrong, but more so allowing each person’s voice to be heard and valued. We live in a highly collaborative world and can’t afford to remain territorial over roles and responsibilities,  or whose idea is better. We need to find common ground and collaborate to come up with the best possible outcomes for serving our customers and our stakeholders. Karrie Landsverk will shatter the silo mentality and reveal the immense opportunity for innovation, increased morale, and higher levels of customer satisfaction, when we stop debating and start dialoguing.

“My programs always focus on YOU! Be prepared to have fun when we are together!”

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