You Can Lead and Communicate with Impact!

But do you? Do your employees? Companies desire to be successful and want to positively impact the customers they serve and the communities they work in. As leaders we have a responsibility to help the companies we work for be successful and to make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.  We… Read more »

The Power in Sharing Your Lollipop Moments

Recently, we kicked off a leadership development series for seniorcare leaders at AmericanWay University, and during our first program we shared a video called, “Lollipop Moments” with speaker Drew Dudley. View the video clip The message of the video centers on those moments where you make a significant impact… Read more »

Are Your Leaders Helping or Hurting Your Business?

  Having a profitable business that delivers rock star service is and should be, a primary focus for business owners and executive leaders. A thriving business that is growing is the ultimate goal afterall, and if it’s not, we all know that business will not remain in operation for very… Read more »

New Year…Authentic You

We are one week into another New Year and maybe you are scrambling to decide how your business will stand out this year? How will you change to reach more customers? Instead of thinking about the latest “shiny objects” that claim to glitz up your business and reach a new… Read more »

5 Secrets to Powerful Communication

  Communication-we all know it’s important and yet, doing it well continues to be one of the biggest challenges any company faces. Why? We are working with and serving other people, who more than likely think and talk differently than we do. Those differences can keep us from getting our work… Read more »

Everyone Can See the Elephant in the Room

For many of us, dealing with conflict is an awful, no good, terrible thing that should be avoided at all costs. The reality is, conflict left unattended to never goes away on its own. Conflict is never just between two parties. There is always a ripple effect, and the longer… Read more »

Remove Your Mask-Reveal the True Leader Within

  Halloween is a fun time of year where kids and adults dress up in costumes of all kinds, disguising who they really are underneath! It can be great fun and even a challenge at times trying to figure out who is hiding beneath the costume. It’s all part of… Read more »

Who is More Important, Your Customer or Your Employee?

  You might think that question is a bit like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg. Without customers to buy your products and services, you don’t have a business; you have a hobby. Yet, without exceptional employees to service those customers, you won’t likely have customers… at… Read more »

Are Your Employees Part of the IN Group?

  The IN group I’m referring to might be a bit different than what you might be thinking; those employees who use intentional communication and connect with intelligent buy-in to your greater purpose? When your leaders and employees are equipped with skills to communicate effectively, conversations are more productive and… Read more »