About Karrie

As a young girl, Karrie Landsverk was shy and uncertain about herself. Her physical disadvantages added to her insecurities while growing up. She wore glasses at the age of 5, living through the endless teasing of being called “four eyes.” At age 11, she underwent major back surgery to fuse a portion of her spine due to scoliosis and had to wear a full back brace just as she entered middle school. At only 5’ 1,” she was always one of the shortest people in any competitive sport she entered, and later came to accept the realization her feet preferred to remain firmly planted on the ground.

However, Karrie never let any of those challenges keep her from fully living life and following her dreams. She found ways to overcome her obstacles and participated in activities, like cheerleading and showing horses, where she found she could excel, and didn’t have to jump high. She also learned to be accepting and compassionate toward others, knowing how it felt to be called out as “different” amongst her peers. These “differences” helped her to see others through more compassionate eyes and instilled within her a great desire to teach how to be more accepting and appreciative of others. Being shy and “different” meant that Karrie didn’t share her opinions often in group settings and often times her ideas would be left unheard. Karrie is passionate about helping others find their voice and working with teams to create that space to allow all to share their ideas and concerns. 

Karrie continued to find her own voice by challenging herself to reach goals no one had ever achieved in her family. She became the first person on either side of her family to earn a four-year college degree. After successfully obtaining a degree in criminal justice, Karrie found an obvious career choice in corporate America.  She discovered she had a passion for building strong teams and continued to pursue her career in the business world.

After working for nearly a decade in senior level leadership roles for a Fortune 500 company, and over 5 years as head of HR for a 20-location independent pharmacy chain, Karrie decided to pursue her long-time love of speaking and training full-time. Karrie is now a professional speaker in the National Speaker’s Association and entrepreneur offering custom programs to businesses and associations of all sizes. Her past experiences with corporate business to mid-size business has given her an in-depth understanding of what it takes to build and maintain high-performing cultures. Karrie served on her local school board for seven years and used her business sense and great ability to connect with others to spearhead discussions that helped the district continue to thrive during a time of incredible industry change.

Karrie also serves as the pastor in her local church, Living Gospel Church in Rio, WI. She thoroughly enjoys speaking at Christian ministry events on topics focusing on servant leadership, character growth, walking by faith-not by sight, finding your purpose, and serving others.

Karrie incorporates her personal experiences of finding her own purpose and passion into each message she shares. She is most passionate about helping people build meaningful connections and relationships, because it is our relationships with others that define our long-term success and happiness in life.

Karrie is married to her wonderful husband Jon, and has three incredible children-Jonny, Reese, and Riley. She is very active in her community having served as President and Vice President within her local Community Club, committee chair for planning community activities; co-chair of an annual fundraising event for her local food pantry;  and formerly co-creator and committee member of the Rio Area Collaborative Committee which focuses on promoting the greater Rio area for business, tourism, and families to reside in.  Karrie cherishes time with her family and enjoys participating in the many events in her local community, busting out in random songs with her friends and her daughter, horseback riding, playing with their bunnies, gardening, and writing. Overall, Karrie loves living life to the fullest each and every day and knows she has much to be grateful for!

Karrie is highly motivating and will ignite a passion in your teams! She will put together a plan of action to best suit your organization’s needs and will ensure your company or event are a great success.

“My programs always focus on YOU! Be prepared to have fun when we are together!”

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